ONE@Tokyo Hotel in Sumida, Tokyo

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こんにちは (Konnichiwa)!

Are you looking for a place to stay in Tokyo, Japan? Do you want a beautiful view of Tokyo Skytree, the tallest structure in Japan, the moment you walk out the front doors? Then look no further, let us introduce you to our friends at ONE@Tokyo

ONE@Tokyo was the first stop on our month long Japan trip, and we certainly started out on the right foot. The hotel is built around the concept of travelers congregating at a modern space in a historic part of Tokyo, intersecting new and old. ONE@Tokyo opened recently in April of 2017 and offers spacious, modern rooms that are intricately designed. We loved the gorgeous woodwork that can be found all over the hotel, most notably at the entrance, but also at @rooftop, ONE@Tokyo’s rooftop bar and lounge area which is stunning in itself. 

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Besides a prime location and spacious room, ONE@Tokyo offers impressive views and amenities that are ahead of its time. We only stayed for two nights, but we wish we had the chance to stay longer. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Tokyo, we can’t recommend ONE@Tokyo enough. Sumida is an ideal area to stay in, especially if it’s your first time visiting Tokyo! 

Address: 1-19-3 Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo 131-0045, Japan
Check in: 3PM
Check out: 11AM
Phone number: +81 3-5630-1193
For more information, visit the official website.

The Location

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ONE@Tokyo is located in Oshiage, Sumida, Tokyo. Even though it’s just a 5 minute walk from Tokyo Skytree, one of the most popular attractions in Tokyo, the hotel is in a fairly residential area which allows for a comforting and peaceful stay. Located at the base of Tokyo Skytree is Oshiage Station, which is conveniently connected to four different lines:

  • Keisei Oshiage Line (KS45)

  • Tobu Skytree Line (TS-03)

  • Toei Asakusa Line (A-20)

  • Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line (Z-14)

Being just a 5 minute walk from Oshiage Station means that you can easily get to ONE@Tokyo from both Haneda or Narita Airport. The connections to the Toei and Tokyo Metro lines allow you to be easily connected to all of Tokyo as well. 

Tokyo Skytree is home to more than just the tower, in fact, there’s an entire “town” that includes numerous attractions such as the Sumida Aquarium, Konica Minolta Planetarium Tenku, and countless restaurants and retail shops. You could easily spend a day here, we certainly did!

If you’re willing to walk a bit further past the Sumida River you’ll hit Asakusa, home to Sensoji, an ancient Buddhist temple, and Nakamise Dori, a pedestrian shopping street popular for traditional Japanese goods and street snacks.  Exploring the Asakusa area is another great way to spend a day in Tokyo, offering plenty of things to see and do.

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The Room

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We stayed in a triple loft at ONE@Tokyo, which came with a spacious see-through shower and beautiful view of Tokyo Skytree. There was a king bed and roll away bed for the three of us. The room was fully equipped with everything we needed, and more! We were pleasantly surprised that a “handy” device came with the room, a smartphone that had data/service which we were allowed to take out and about with us. Unfortunately we already had pocket WiFi devices, so we weren’t able to take advantage of it, but definitely a “handy” feature.  

PS: If you don’t know about pocket WiFi devices, they are essential for traveling in Japan, stay tuned for our post on how and where to rent one! 

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Another welcoming feature of the room was the flat screen TV, which came with Chromecast! Or even better, the comfy robes and amazing amenity kit which included Shiseido products and things you probably don’t even need. With everything that was available to us, we were so comfortable that we contemplated taking a “rest day” our second day in Japan! 

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PRO TIP: If you’d like to stay at ONE@Tokyo, book 28 days ahead to receive a discount, or better yet, book 60 days ahead to receive an even bigger discount! ONE@Tokyo also provides discounts for extended stays, check out their website for more information.

The Food

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A breakfast buffet is included at ONE@Tokyo, which we found out isn’t very common for hotels in Tokyo. Most hotels tack on breakfast as an additional optional cost, so way to go ONE@Tokyo! There was a mix of Japanese and Western cuisine, though it was more Western heavy. We certainly would’ve welcomed more Japanese food, but everything was still great. You have to try the croquettes, so おいしい (delicious)! 

The Service

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The staff at ONE@Tokyo was impeccable. Everyone we interacted with from the front desk to the cafe staff was very welcoming and accommodating. Even with ONE@Tokyo being a fairly new hotel, you can easily tell that the staff is top notch. And good news for those who plan on staying and don’t speak Japanese, the staff is very English friendly! Don’t be afraid to ask the concierge for recommendations or whatever you may need. 

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The Verdict

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We would return to ONE@Tokyo in a heartbeat! If not for the perfect location, luxurious amenities, or breathtaking views of Tokyo Skytree and the surrounding area, than for the croquettes at breakfast. Seriously, those croquettes are enough reason to book at least a night here, you won’t regret it! 

Do you have any questions about staying at ONE@Tokyo?

Comment below!

We were guests of ONE@Tokyo, but as always all opinions are our own.

ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu)!

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  1. I really love the design of this hotel, with the splendid woodwork. One of my favorite things that I would love a hotel to have is bottom to ceiling windows. So this hotel couldn’t be a better choice! The rooftop terrace is so pretty as well, with the views over Tokyo. Breakfast seems to be a feast as well.

  2. This hotel looks excellent; modern like I think of Tokyo, but the wood seems to give it a nice vibe of earthiness. I didn’t know you could see turtles in the middle of Tokyo! The video is well-done.

  3. This looks like a beautiful property. I love close it is to the airports and all of the public transportation. This looks a great place to headquarter a Tokyo trip with, especially with their extended stay options.

  4. That breakfast has to be the best looking I’ve ever seen, it looks incredible. I love that One@Tokyo has loft style rooms, it feels more cosy. Good location choice too, I’ll remember this one.

  5. What a great hotel. I love that wood panelling, and the general style too, but having a view is very cool. What a wonderful thing to lend you a smart device! So useful, especially if you are only there for a short time.

  6. I’ve wanted to go to Japan ever since I learnt some Japanese in highschool! If I ever make it to tokyo I’d love to stay here. I love the style of it all, I wish my house looked like this haha. And the location sounds great!

  7. That’s such a swanky property. Love the modernistic feel to it. Coming home to such welcoming amenities is the best thing ever. 🙂 Cheers!!

  8. That view is amazing! It’s good to know about booking it in advance. There are usually discounts with most stuff for that. I have never been to Tokyo but I would love to visit one day!

  9. I am a massive fan of woodwork so this is heaven for me. I hope to go to Japan soon. And if I do… i will definitely check One@ out 😍😍😍

  10. I just spent 3 months living in Tokyo, and this would have been a beautiful place to base yourself for exploring Tokyo. I love the photos of the view of Tokyo Skytree too – it looks spectacular!

  11. ONE hotel in Sumida is very convenient due to its location. As it is at walkable distance from railway station, it is perfect for exploring Tokyo while staying here. Amenity kit in bathroom makes it luxurious. View of Sky tree from room is also very good thing of this property. When I visit Tokyo then I will keep this hotel in mind.

  12. Omg I love everything about this place! Looks like a trendy and relaxing place to stay, with great views of the city. I have to keep this in mind the next time I’m in Tokyo!

  13. I love this hotel!! I love the loft style room, and the toiletry amenity kit they gave you is fantastic! My only problem is I would probably want to spend too much time at the hotel (and chilling on the rooftop bar) and not enough out exploring the city! 😀

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