Hiroshima Washington Hotel in Hiroshima, Japan

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View of Hiroshima from Hiroshima Washington Hotel

View of Hiroshima from Hiroshima Washington Hotel

こんにちは (Konnichiwa)!

Hiroshima is unlike any other city in the world. It experienced one of the worst events in the history of mankind and has not only rebuilt itself but is now a thriving major city in Japan. 

Even though Hiroshima is fairly large in size, choosing where to stay in Hiroshima is easy. You want to be as close to the city center as possible since many of Hiroshima’s major attractions are spread across the city. The best place to stay in Hiroshima is the Hiroshima Washington Hotel, which happens to be right in the heart of Hiroshima.

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Hiroshima Washington Hotel is where we stayed for the Hiroshima leg of our month long Japan trip. The location of the Hiroshima Washington Hotel made traveling in Hiroshima so easy it was almost effortless. From waking up to an amazing breakfast spread to ending the night with an incredible view of Hiroshima from our room, we thoroughly enjoyed our time in Hiroshima and it had everything to do with picking the perfect accommodation in Hiroshima, the Hiroshima Washington Hotel. 

Address: 2-7 Shintenchi, Naka, Hiroshima 730-0034, Japan
Check in: 2PM
Check out: 11AM
Phone number: +81 82-553-2222
For more information, visit the official website

The Location

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Hiroshima Peace Memorial

Children's Peace Monument

Children’s Peace Monument

While the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Atomic Bomb Dome are located next to one another, the rest of Hiroshima’s notable attractions are spread throughout the city. Luckily Hiroshima Washington Hotel‘s central location allows for easy access to all of Hiroshima’s attractions.

Hiroshima Washington Hotel is just a 5 minute walk from Tate-machi, a transit stop which is home to three of Hiroshima’s Dentetsu lines. These lines will easily connect you to the rest of Hiroshima and its outskirts. 

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Covered aboveground shopping street

Covered aboveground shopping street

Okonomiyaki at Okonomi-mura

Okonomiyaki at Okonomi-mura

Ample shopping options are available when staying at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel. PARCO, a popular department store, neighbors the Hiroshima Washington Hotel and a network of aboveground and underground shopping streets can be found nearby.

If you’re looking for places to eat in Hiroshima, you don’t have to look far. The famous Okonomi-mura, home to 3 floors of okonomiyaki stalls, is located right next door to the Hiroshima Washington Hotel. Okonomiyaki is a savory Japanese pancake and Hiroshima has its own style of okonomiyaki, making this dish an absolute must try when visiting Hiroshima.

With transportation, shopping, and food right at your fingertips, the Hiroshima Washington Hotel makes your stay in Hiroshima extremely convenient. 

The Room

Triple Room at Hiroshima Washington Hotel

Triple Room at Hiroshima Washington Hotel

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Bathsalts from MUJI (located next to HWH)

Bathsalts from MUJI (located next to HWH)

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Cups and kettle for coffee and tea

Cups and kettle for coffee and tea

We stayed in a triple room that offered a surreal view of Hiroshima. Outside the window we could see the aboveground shopping streets and Okonomi-mura down below. In the distance was what looked like a stream of buildings going into the mountains. It was hard to believe that this stunning city was rebuilt from nothing. 

The room itself was very clean and modern. All bathrooms at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel are composed of two separate rooms, with the toilet and sink in one and a traditional Japanese bathtub and shower area in another. The bathtub was amazing to soak in after a long day of exploring Hiroshima. The hotel also provided great amenities for us to use and offered plenty of utilities to make us feel right at home. 

Jerseys from Hiroshima's baseball and soccer teams

Jerseys from Hiroshima’s baseball and soccer teams

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We had the chance to check out a few of Hiroshima Washington Hotel’s specialty rooms. The people of Hiroshima have a lot of pride in their home teams, which is reflected in one of the specialty rooms that showcased the local sport teams and symphony. Another specialty room was decorated with iconic Hiroshima attractions, allowing you to “see” Hiroshima without even having to leave the hotel!

The Food

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Located on the fourth floor next to the lobby is the hotel’s restaurant, Bonjour Plus, which offered an amazing breakfast buffet spread of Japanese and western style dishes. The restaurant is sleek and modern, with plenty of seating for all. Bonjour Plus offers plenty of Hiroshima staples such as Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki and an amazing local mandarin orange juice that we wished we could’ve purchased to bring home! 

Hours: Open Daily 6AM – 10AM (11AM on weekends and holidays)

The Service

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Staying at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel was memorable because of the amazing service we received. From check in to check out, everything went seamlessly. The staff was very knowledgeable about the area and directed us to plenty of things to do, see, and eat to keep us entertained. Everyone seemed to have a great deal of pride in Hiroshima and wanted us to thoroughly enjoy their city. The outstanding service made us feel confident that the Hiroshima Washington Hotel was the perfect choice of where to stay in Hiroshima. 

The Verdict

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Staying at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel was what made our time in Hiroshima so enjoyable. The location of the hotel allowed for quick and easy access to all of Hiroshima’s attractions. The room, food, and service were all amazing, which made leaving in the morning hard but coming back in the evening easy. If you want to make the most of your time in Hiroshima, we highly recommend staying at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel

Would you stay at the Hiroshima Washington Hotel?

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We were guests of Hiroshima Washington Hotel, but as always all opinions are our own.

ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu)!

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  1. Fabulous photos! I didn’t realise Hiroshima’s major attractions were so spread across the city so a good hotel which is central to them all is a must. Accommodation staff can really make or break your trip and it sounds like the staff at Hiroshima Washington Hotel really made yours.

  2. This looks so awesome! I love the views. I have to say, going to Hiroshima really appeals to me, especially after reading this!

  3. That hotel looks posh. 1. Location, 2 Cleanliness, 3. Food, 4. Hospitability, 5. Room Size. Seems like a great stay and Hiroshima seems very underrated. Please make a blog on the destinations you’ve been to in Hiroshima!

  4. I always feel a chill run up my spine when I think of Hiroshima and its past history. Still, this hotel is a good choice for the city, and seemingly in a good location too. Your photos of the food made me really hungry! I love that Japanese pancake, yum.

  5. Wow, so crazy that you guys went there. In my head Hiroshima is always associates with the history during WWII. The hotel looks really nice though and the view looks great, too!

  6. What a beautiful hotel and wonderful city! I’ve never really thought of visiting Hiroshima – I guess the fact it’s been rebuilt hasn’t really been widely publicised in the UK so it’s good you’re sharing the news!
    And that breakfast…. drool!

  7. Wow, I actually got goosebumps just reading the title of this post. I’m always looking for unique hotels to stay at, and this one looks great. That’s some really nice artwork in the rooms, and the view certainly doesn’t get better. If that photo is of the breakfast, that’s a seriously impressive meal! I’ll be sure to put this on my list when I make it to Hiroshima.

  8. This looks like such a nice place to stay! I love when hotels offer something unique, and I love that this one had different themed rooms! And that restaurant’s food looks so delicious!

  9. I would definitely stay at the Hotel Washington in Hiroshima. For me location is very important and i like how you can walk to major points of interest from there. All the amenities of the hotel look well kept and modern. A bath spuds perfect after a day of sightseeing.

  10. The Hiroshima Washington Hotel really looks chic and with all the amenities of a top business or luxury hotel. I love the rooms which are all picture perfect and the food looks delicious. I’m glad you featured its advantageous location in detail because that makes all the difference when choosing a place to stay especially as a visitor. Thanks for the recommendation.

  11. Because of its history, I’ve always wanted to visit Hiroshima. It has plenty of amazing sights and attractions based on what you’ve shown here. And The Hiroshima Washington Hotel looks so charming. I love that it is modern but the decor is innately Japanese!!

  12. What a beautiful hotel! I love how much detail they put into the specialty rooms! It’s great how they’re centrally located and have a business suite to make your stay as easy as possible! I haven’t been to Hiroshima yet, but I will definitely keep this place in mind when I make it over to Japan! Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. What a beautiful hotel! I’ve always wanted to visit Hiroshima because of the history of the city and the Hiroshima Washington looks like the perfect place to stay. The mix of modern and Japanese decor gives off the perfect vibe.

  14. looks fabulous. It’s always helpful to have such informative blogs before going to a place. The blog is so detailed that a reader actually knows everything even before booking. Thanks a lot.

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