Akihabara Washington Hotel in Akihabara, Tokyo

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こんにちは (Konnichiwa)! 

Just booked your flights but don’t know where to stay in Tokyo? Are you a fan of otaku culture or staying up to date with the latest electronics? If you answered yes than staying in Akihabara is the perfect place to situate yourself for your trip! As for finding accommodation in Akihabara, there’s really no better option than the Akihabara Washington Hotel

We believe that choosing the right place to stay in Tokyo plays a large role in having a successful trip. Ideally you want to be close to public transportation and have plenty of things to do in the surrounding area. Bonus points if the accommodation itself is stellar. With the Akihabara Washington Hotel, you can achieve all of this!

Address: 1-8-3 Sakuma, Kanda, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0025 Japan
Check in: 2PM
Check out: 11AM
Phone number: +81 3-3255-3311
For more information, visit the official website.

The Location

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Akihabara is undoubtedly one of Tokyo’s most popular neighborhoods because of what it has to offer. Nicknamed “Electric Town“, you can expect to find numerous multi-level stores that offer all sorts of electronic goods in Akihabara. In addition to being the mecca for electronics, it has a thriving otaku scene with plenty of shops where you can purchase anime goods, cosplay outfits, and more. 

The area of Akihabara is named and centered around its main station, Akihabara Station, home to 5 different lines: 

  • Chuo-Sobu Line

  • Keihin Tohoku Line

  • Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (H-15)

  • Tsukuba Express (01)

  • Yamanote Line

Akihabara Washington Hotel is conveniently located right beside Akihabara Station. With the station less than 200 meters away from the hotel, you have easy access to essentially all of Tokyo! Just hop on the Yamanote Line and take a loop around Tokyo or hop on the Hibiya Line to reach any other Tokyo neighborhood. 

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But luckily, you don’t need to leave Akihabara to have a good time. Yodobashi Camera, one of the largest electronic goods stores in Tokyo is located across the street from Akihabara Washington Hotel. Just a 5 minute walk from the hotel is Akihabara’s main street, Chuo Dori, lined with arcades and shops dedicated to anime and manga of all sorts.

FYI: Chuo Dori is closed to traffic on Sundays from 1PM to 6PM, offering a pedestrian’s paradise! 

Denny’s is also located just underneath Akihabara Washington Hotel. Yes, that Denny’s. While we wholeheartedly recommend the breakfast served at the hotel, definitely check out Denny’s for lunch or dinner, it’s better than the version in the States! 

The Room

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We stayed in a cozy triple room at Akihabara Washington Hotel. It was located on the 13th floor and offered the best view in town. With Akihabara Station located to the north, the Kanda River neighbors the hotel to the south. We were fortunate enough to have a room facing south, offering a waterfront view! But that wasn’t the best part. In the distance we could also see a few of Akihabara Station’s train tracks. At night everything was lit up, it was quite the view.

We’re huge fans of the pajama robes they provide! The amenities were plenty and all great quality. The TV was a little small, but it’s okay as we spent most of the time watching the view. 

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Tokyo’s Most Unique Room

Akihabara Washington Hotel also has one of the most unique rooms we’ve ever seen! We had the chance to check out their special train room, which comes with a full, functioning model train system. There are two separate tracks that interlace within a model of Tokyo. It’s BYOT, bring your own train, but if you don’t have one you can borrow one or two from the hotel. How cool is that?? 

The Food

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Breakfast at Bonsalute Café, located next to the lobby on the 3rd floor was always the highlight of the day. The breakfast buffet comes at an additional cost, but definitely worth it in our opinion. We loved everything, from the winter melon stew and green smoothie shooters to the beautiful setting and view.

The Service

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Everyone was so welcoming at the Akihabara Washington Hotel. From the time we arrived early in the morning to drop off our luggage to when we checked out, we loved interacting with everyone and couldn’t have received better service. The hotel is staff with very English friendly members. There were also have kiosks for express check out, convenient if you’re in a rush. 

The Verdict 

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Akihabara Washington Hotel is a great choice for visitors who want to stay in Akihabara and be close to it all. Breakfast at Bonsalute Café was the perfect way to start each day.  Step out the front doors, and all of Tokyo is at your fingertips with Akihabara Station right across the street. Down the street is the hub for otaku culture and you could spend days exploring all the electronics shops. 

We’ll say it again, picking the right accommodation plays a large role in having a successful trip in Tokyo. Akihabara Washington Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Akihabara. 

What’s the coolest hotel room you’ve stayed in?

Comment below!

We were guests of Akihabara Washington Hotel, but as always all opinions are our own.

ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu)!

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  1. This place seems to tick mark most of the requirements… Location, cosy atmosphere.. Hearty breakfast. What are the rates like here?

  2. What a perfect location for a hotel! it looks so lovely and comfortable! the view is beyond amazing! I have sadly never been to Japan YET but when I go to Tokyo this is where I want to stay!

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