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Shibuya is a shopping and entertainment district in central Tokyo, Japan and exactly what your Lost in Translation dreams are made of. The bustling crowds of people and neon signs will leave you mesmerized, and of course no trip to Tokyo is complete without witnessing and being part of the famous Shibuya Crossing. 

There are plenty of things to do in Shibuya, especially if you enjoy shopping or people watching. From visiting the statue of the world’s most loyal dog to immersing yourself in the world of Japanese stationary, Shibuya is the place to be. We recommend exploring during the day and then revisiting at night just to see how packed Shibuya Crossing can get. Here are 10 things to do in Shibuya with a map included at the end, so keep scrolling! 

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Things to Do in Shibuya

1. Grab a bowl of udon at Hanamaru

Hanamura Shibuya udon and tempura

Hanamaru is a fast casual udon chain that is extremely budget friendly. You can order a basic bowl of udon noodles for just 130 yen (approximately $1.15 USD)! The other options range from $3-$6, depending on the type and size you purchase. Hanamaru also offers a fry bar with plenty of tempura add-ons to top off your piping hot bowl of udon. This place is highly recommended as it’s perfect if you need a quick bite on the go, plus it’s cheap and delicious!

Address: 1-3-3 Dogenzaka, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo, Japan
Hour: Open Daily 8AM – 11PM
*multiple locations in Shibuya, check map below for more!

2. Visit the Hachiko Memorial Statue

Hachiko is an Akita breed dog whose loyalty has gone down in Japanese history and is often considered the world’s most loyal dog. Hachiko would wait at Shibuya Station everyday for his owner to come home from work, but after his owner passed away he continued to wait at the station for the next 9 years until his own death. A bronze statue now commemorates Hachiko outside Shibuya Station and is located right next to the busy Shibuya Crossing intersection, making it a popular meet up point

Address: 2-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open 24 Hours

3. Take part in the Shibuya Scramble

Shibuya Crossing in full bloom

Shibuya Crossing is the world’s busiest pedestrian intersection. It’s often called “the scramble” because it consists of thousands of people scrambling to cross the street in all directions at once. Try not to get lost in the midst of it, but if you find yourself on the wrong side of where you wanted to be, think of it as another opportunity to take part of the scramble! 

Address: Shibuya 150-8010, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open 24 Hours

4. Check out the best 100 yen shop in Tokyo

Can Do Shibuya ceramic products

After visiting multiple 100 yen shops in Tokyo during our trip, we found Can Do to be the best one! 100 yen shops are the equivalent to western dollar stores, but a million times better in selection and quality. Do yourself a favor and check out this store for great ceramics and home decorations. It is also the perfect place to purchase snacks and souvenirs to bring back home! 

Address: 36-6 B1F Udagawa-cho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 10PM

5. Wander the vibrant side streets of Shibuya

Shibuya backstreets

Wandering the streets of Tokyo is honestly a dream come true, but Shibuya adds a bit of sparkle and pizzaz. There is just so much to see, and if you’re a street photographer you’ll find yourself snapping pictures left and right.

6. Buy stationary from MUJI

MUJI Shibuya Seibu Shibuya storefront

If you’re a fan of stationary and high quality writing instruments you have to check out MUJI’s selection. Japanese goods are next level, and Japanese people take stationary very seriously. Besides stationary, MUJI also offers top notch home goods and apparel. The MUJI store in Shibuya is 6 floors and also offers a cafe so you can replenish yourself if you get tired from shopping. There are a few MUJI stores in the US and internationally, but it’s so much cheaper buying it directly from the source. If you can’t wait and don’t mind spending a bit more, you can also buy MUJI’s stationary online

Address: 21-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 9PM

7. Experience “flying” sushi

Genki Sushi Shibuya tuna and salmon sampler

If you’re looking for fresh and cheap sushi, stop by Genki Sushi for a budget friendly meal. You place your order on an iPad, which is then sent to the chefs in the back and the sushi is made to order and sent “flying” out to you on the belt. Don’t confuse “flying” sushi with the more common conveyer belt sushi, where you pick from the selection of pre-made sushi, “flying” sushi is so much better!

Address: 24-8 1F Udagawa-cho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 11AM – 12AM (10:30AM on Saturday and Sunday)

8. Visit the first Tokyu Hands

Tokyu Hands Shibuya storefront

Tokyu Hands is a “one stop shop” department store, which offers everything you can imagine from DIY goods and knick-knacks to kitchenware and luggage. The location in Shibuya is the first Tokyu Hands store that opened in 1976 and offers 8 floors, though each floor is staggered into three sections, so it’s really 24 mini floors! Try not to get lost and spend all your money, which is easier said than done! 

Address: 12-18 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya 150-0002, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 9PM

9. Go shopping at Shibuya 109

Oh, Shibuya 109. Where dreams are made and crushed because you realize you can’t fit everything you want in your luggage. Shibuya 109 is for women’s fashion, but there is also 109 Men’s just across the street. Prepare your wallet before entering, everything is super kawaii~ (cute). 

Address: 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya 150-0043, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 9PM

109 MEN’S
Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya 150-0041, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 9PM

10. Watch the Shibuya Scramble from above 

Hoshino Coffee MAGNET by SHIBUYA109 Shibuya fruit tea

After you’ve experienced the scramble yourself, watch it from above! Starbucks is a popular spot to watch, but we recommend going to Hoshino Coffee for a more relaxed view and to try out their awesome drinks and desserts. Make sure you ask for a seat next to the window, though you may have to wait if it’s busy, it’s worth it! 

HOSHINO COFFEE (located inside 109 MEN’S)
Address: 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya 150-0041, Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 10AM – 11PM

Things to do in Shibuya map

Which of these things in Shibuya would you do?

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  1. Hahah, I’m always a little wary of crowds and think that I would prefer to watch the scramble from above. The flying sushi sounds amazing too, I love how innovative the Japanese are when it comes to things like that. Great suggestions on things that are authentic and provide a great experience. I hope to go some day.

    1. It can definitely be a exhilarating! Watching it from above is just as fun. Plus you get better photos, haha. Thank you! Hope you’re able to find your way to Japan soon 🙂

  2. Tokyo looks epic! I’m not much of a sushi fan though so would have to pass one that. However I would defo take part in the ‘scramble’! haha!

  3. This is such a fun guide! I want to do all of these things. I really want to visit a 100 yen shop and the scramble looks insane!

  4. The Hanamaru food looks delicious, and it comes with a good price. The Shibuya Crossing looks really busy, a perfect place to watch people from a bar/restaurant. "flying" sushi, what a great concept, glad you explain this.

  5. So, so glad I came across your blog. We’re planning a trip to Japan in October (need to book our flight tonight, yikes!!) and we’re totally overwhelmed by all the things to do. The video of the Shibuya Crossing had me laughing out loud… ordered chaos, perhaps? Definitely adding Hoshino Coffee to my list. Will check out more of your posts! 🙂

    1. Ahh, I’m so excited for you! Have an amazing time, and I hope you find my posts useful. I seriously laugh every time I watch that video! They’re so fun.

  6. It certainly looks vibrant. I’ve always shied away from Tokyo as I get freaked out in really busy cities, preferring countryside, etc. I’ll check out more of your posts

    1. It’s definitely hectic, but that’s part of the fun. You can find little peaceful parks all around the city!

  7. There is so much to do at Shibuya that I don’t think even four days will suffice. I would love to stop by ‘the scramble’ and people-watch as well as take a time-lapse video. My love for stationary is bound to get my feet moving to Muji. Cheers!!

    1. Shibuya crossing is perfect for time-lapse videos! And you would definitely love MUJI, everything is top-notch!

  8. Your posts remind me of my time there a few months back. I did everything except for trying the flying sushi at Genki Sushi for a budget friendly meal. Maybe next time.

  9. I would love to try the flying sushi 😉 Such a diverse list of activities! I am sure everybody will find something (s)he likes…

  10. When I lived in Japan some time ago, I really enjoyed the sheer variety of different things to do and experience. I love the selections you have shown here and it brings back many fond memories. I need to go back for another visit soon.

    1. I’m so jealous! Tokyo has so much to offer, that’s why I’m going back for a month to try and take it all in, but I know that still won’t be enough time.

  11. That Udon looks magnificent, nothing like a nice fresh bowl of Japanese noodles. The bowls and plates look beautiful too, we love that style of homeware. Great insight into the central district of Tokyo.

    1. Yes, Japanese ceramics are great! I came home with a bunch of things I really didn’t even need, haha..

  12. Shibuya looks great – the streets are colourful and vibrant like Taiwan. One day I hope to get there – I’ve read so many blogposts about it and I love Japanese food. Great list – thanks for sharing…

    1. I haven’t been to Taiwan, hoping to go someday! If the streets are vibrant like Tokyo’s, I can’t wait!

  13. I wish I’d known about the flying sushi! I’ve been to Shibuya, and I can say this is a great list. Thanks for the maps and addresses! It will make it much easier for my next trip!

  14. How awesome! I’ve heard of Shibuya, but always thought it was just a crazy crossing area. I love the idea of ordering sushi from an iPad. Seems like it would be such a trip!

  15. NIce post!! Very organized and well written!!! Never been in Japan but probably I will do because I’m in love with Japanese cuisine, so genki sushi would be perfect for me!!!

  16. Shibuya looks like a must see point of interest in Tokyo. I loved the movie Hachiko, so I would definitely take lots of photos with the Hachiko statue outside Shibuya station. You photos are wonderful, so detailed and colorful.

  17. Interesting things! Knowing about Shibuya scramble for the first time. I definitely want to take a photo of this place from top. I like the flying fish concept, It confused me initially. 🙂

  18. Shibuya is such a vibrant and young district! I know a lot of people go there to shop for the latest fashion! I love those 100 yen shops – I am always able to get some quality products for real cheap price!

  19. Wow! What a great place, although I think crossing the street would give me loads of anxiety. I love that 100 yen store! Those bowls are so pretty.

  20. There are so many things to do on the area. I would like to see everything from ground and roof level. I didn’t know a statue of Hachiko is in the area.

  21. I had a 14-hour layover and just stayed in Shibuya the whole time and LOVED it!
    Walked around till the wee hours, drank, ate, snoozed in a capsule….everything!!!

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