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Mount Takao Guide & Map

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こんにちは (KONNICHIWA)! 

If you’re visiting Tokyo and find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people, Mount Takao is perfect for a quick escape from the city with plenty of things to do! Mount Takao is a great day trip from Tokyo located in the town of Hachioji, just 50 minutes away from central Tokyo. To get to Mount Takao, take the Keio Line from Shinjuku Station to Takaosanguchi Station, located at the base of Mount Takao. 

Mount Takao is a three star mountain in the Michelin Travel Guide and also considered sacred by many. It offers numerous trails for hiking and is visited by over 2.6 million people annually. The trails are well maintained and some parts are nicely paved, making it an easy hike for all ages. We suggest going on a weekday if possible, as it can get packed with both tourists and locals on the weekends. The best time of the year to visit is in the spring, when you can see cherry blossoms, or in the fall, when the leaves change colors. 

If you think Mount Takao is just for hiking enthusiasts, think again. There are plenty of things to do on Mount Takao besides just hiking, such as going to the monkey park or enjoying a bowl of fresh tororo soba noodles. Here are 11 things to do on Mount Takao, with a map included at the end, so keep scrolling! 

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Things to Do on Mount Takao

1. Take the cable car up Mount Takao

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The cable car ride offers a relaxing ride up the mountain with a great view of the lush greenery. Apparently this cable car has the steepest incline in Japan. If you’re in a rush like we were, take the cable car up the mountain to save some time. Don’t worry, there’s still a good amount of trail left before you get to the summit! 

Hours: Open Daily 8:00AM – 6:00PM
Cost: 480 yen (one way), 930 yen (round trip)

2. Grab a local snack or two

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Right when you get off the cable car, or about half way up the mountain, there’s a little shop that offers local snacks, sweets, and souvenirs. We suggest refueling here before continuing on your journey. Try the tengu-yaki, a sweet black soybean paste inside a crispy waffle. The snack’s name and shape is based on one of the mountain gods, the tengu, a crow-beaked god. 

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3. Explore the different trails on Mount Takao

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There are numerous official trails to reach the summit of Mount Takao. The most well paved and most popular trail is trail number one, the Omotesando Trail, which takes about a 90 minute hike from base to summit. You can opt to take the cable car or chair lift to cut down on time. 

4. Enjoy lunch with an epic view

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Mount Takao Things to Do Tororo Soba.jpg

Mount Takao is known for tororo soba noodles, tororo being freshly grated yam. There are numerous soba shops located along Mount Takao trails with a few offering views overlooking the surrounding area. We visited a soba shop that had a balcony located in the back that offered an amazing view. The view along with fresh handmade soba made this easily one of the best lunches on our Tokyo trip. 

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5. Go across the suspension bridge

Along trail number four, the Suspension Bridge Trail, you’ll come across Mount Takao’s very own suspension bridge, the Miyama-bashi Bridge. This trail is another popular Mount Takao trail which leads hikers through a thicker part of the forest to reach the suspension bridge. 

6. Check out Yakuo-in Temple

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Located near the summit of Mount Takao is Yakuo-in Temple. This Buddhist temple was built in 744, and has been the worshiping site for the tengu mountain gods for over 1200 years. Tengu are long-nosed goblins that are believed to be messengers and protectors of Mount Takao. Statues and decor of these creatures can be found at the temple and all around the mountain. 

Address: 2177 Takao-machi, Hachioji 193-8686, Tokyo, Japan

7. Visit the Mount Takao Monkey Park

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Mount Takao Things to Do Monkey Park  .jpg

Mount Takao has its own Monkey Park, though it’s more of a large glass habitat than an actual park. There are over 40 Japanese macaques and daily shows/exhibitions, you can also purchase food to feed the macaques. Admission to the park is 420 yen, but there is also a flower garden included that is home to hundreds of native Mount Takao species. 

Hours: Open Daily 9:30AM to 4:30PM (varies depending on season)
Cost: 420 yen

8. Try honeyberry ice cream

Mount Takao Things to Do Honeyberry Ice Cream .jpg

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Another local snack to try is honeyberry ice cream, honeyberry are blue berried honeysuckles. This is a unique flavor to Mount Takao, and is a light and refreshing berry flavor. Look for the stand with a large purple ice cream figurine in front of it, located near the chair lift station on Mount Takao. 

9. Take the chair lift down Mount Takao

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In addition to a cable car, Mount Takao also has a chair lift to help you get approximately halfway up or down the mountain. We suggest taking the chair lift down if possible, going down on the chair lift offers an amazing of the mountain. This chair lift is not for those afraid of heights, there is no front railing or seatbelt on this chair lift. 

Hours: Open Daily 9:00AM to 4:30PM
Cost: 480 yen (one way), 930 yen (round trip)

10. Visit the Takao 599 Museum

At the base of Mount Takao is Takao 599 Museum, a stylish modern museum that offers ecological information about Mount Takao and the surrounding area. The name comes from the elevation heigh of Mount Takao, 599 meters. It’s a great place to go before or after your hike, especially in the summer to get away from the heat. Admission is free.

2435-3 Takaomachi, Hachioji, 193-0844 Tokyo, Japan
Hours: Open Daily 8AM – 5PM

11. Check out the shops at the base of Mount Takao

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There are numerous shops and restaurants at the base of Mount Takao, where you’ll find plenty of local snacks and souvenirs. The majority of these shops are independently owned, so be sure to check them out to support local business owners! 

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  1. This trip looks like a must. Japan is filled with so much natural beauty and Mt. Takao is one of those! That chair lift ride gives me quite a scare but it is definitely exciting!

  2. I used to visit Tokyo regularly but never knew about Mount Takao. I’ll make the effort to go visit it next time as it’s located on the metro and then there is a cable car to the top. I would love to take a trail, the views must be stunning!

  3. We really want to tour Japan with our little kids. The cable car would be at the top of our list because my 3yo loves all things transportation! The suspension bridge also sounds fun and adventurous!

  4. Mount Takao definitely seems like a great day trip from Tokyo. I’d also love to have such a delicious-looking bowl of tororo soba noodles with these amazing views! The souvenirs in the shops also look very cute! I am saving this now for my future trip to Japan 😀

  5. At first I thought tengu-yaki was an Angry Birds branded snack, it looks so similar!
    I’m not big on hiking, no matter how suitable for all the routes are, I struggle!! But this seems like it would be pleasant enough, even for me! And it’s great to see there’s a cable car option should somebody need it.
    If I had lunch with that view I think I’d forget to eat! I’d be constantly looking out.
    That honeyberry ice cream looks delicious!! I love the colour in it too!

  6. Really interesting post! I don’t think I understand what honeyberry is… Blue berried honeysuckle? Whaaat? I’d love to try it though – it sounds so unique! And I love to take cable cars because the views up top are usually so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This place looks incredible, and I’d love to see it for myself. Your lunch with a view would be the highlight for me, it almost seems like your reward at the end of all that walking. Not sure about the cable car, but as long as I’m with someone, I’d try it…!

  8. Mt Takao is really amazing. I can do almost all of these here. I’d never think I can grab a honeyberry iceacream on the mt. Its worth a visiting place. With your list, I’m never going to be bored.

  9. Mt. Takao is really worth visiting place with so many cool things to do. Going to top through cable car must be fun and enjoyable part of the trip. That honeyberry ice-cream cone is tickling my taste buds. Nice post!

  10. I love the snacks you get in Japan. They are not only tasty but very cute to look at too. I did have tengu-yaki when I was there and totally loved it. Mount Takao looks my kinda plavce.

  11. I love Japan so much. I want to book a trip right now! Mount Takao sounds amazing. We considered going last October but we were short on time so it’s on the to-do list for the next trip. I would love to do everything on this list especially ride the cable car, chair lift, and eat tororo soba noodles with that view. UH!

  12. Tokyo is one of my favourite places that I have been too! When I was there I found that it can get a little crazy and overwhelming with the amount of people in the city. It sounds like this place is a little tucked away jewel, if I ever get the opportunity togo again I will be sure to put this place on my list!

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  14. I’ve been to Tokyo a couple of times but this is my first time hearing about Mount Takao! Really wish I’d heard about it sooner cos I could definitely have used some time with nature away from the crowds while I was in Tokyo. It looks like a lovely place (reminds me of Hakone actually, which isn’t too far from Tokyo either) and totally up my alley. Thanks for sharing this!

  15. This does sound like a nice day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. I think most people are suckers for lunch/dinner with a view and the restaurant on top is no different. I would be keen to see the temple especially because it has been there for 1200 years which I think is incredible. The honey berry ice cream would be refreshing on a hot day I am sure.

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  19. Wow all of these experiences look so amazing! Especially that ice cream :p I would love to visit Japan!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  20. Wow this must be the best place to escape the Tokyo crowds for a day! I’m definitely putting it on my bucket list for our next fab journey to the land of the rising sun! The soba looks truly handmade and the ice cream is to die for! Thank you for introducing this secret paradise to the world!

  21. Amazing! I know nothing about traveling all over the country, what a wonderful looking place to explore.

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