Must Have Travel Tech Accessories

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We LOVE accessories for our tech, especially accessories that make life easier or protect our devices. Pouches, covers, straps, you name it. Accessories may seem unnecessary, but when you’re traveling it’s important to keep your electronics protected at all costs. A simple sleeve or case can prevent costly damages to your device(s)! 

Invest in quality travel tech gadgets, not all accessories are created equal. We’ve gone through our share of external battery packs and smartphone fisheye lenses and will share our winners. Check out these must have travel tech accessories for your camera, computer, tablet, and smartphone. 

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Computer + Accessories

13″ Laptop

Good, universal size for a laptop though you could go a bit smaller to help make traveling easier. 

Wireless Mouse

A bluetooth or USB mouse makes editing travel photos and videos much easier. 

External Hard Drive

Essential for backing up and storing travel photos and videos, and whatever else. 

USB Flash Drive

Almost everything can be sent over email, AirDrop, etc but just in case. 

Laptop Sleeve

Protect your laptop. A hardcover shell is also recommended for an added layer of protection.

Laptop Decal

Great way to personalize your laptop.

Camera + Accessories

Mirrorless Camera

Recently switched from DSLR to mirrorless. Lighter, easier to carry and pack when traveling.

Camera Hood

Used to help reduce lens flare and adds a layer of protection for your lens. 

Camera Holster

Always carry and keep your camera in a bag to protect it while traveling.

Extra Batteries

Having a dead battery is one of. the worst feelings,  be prepared in case you run out of battery. 

Flexible Tripod

Easy to carry around and great for hyperlapses and fun shots.

Action Camera

Capture actions shots by getting a camera that allows more flexibility and you to be hands free.

Camera Case

Always gotta protect the goods, even the little things.

Extension Pole

You can get some fun and creative shots if you know how to use an extension pole correctly. 

Instant Camera

Sometimes you have to capture the moment, like really capture the moment. 


Always have to be prepared in case film runs out for your instant camera.

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Photo Album

Protect your instant photos by placing them in a photo album. A small one is ideal when traveling, like this Instax Mini Album from MochiThings.

Tablet + Accessories


Easily do work or keep yourself entertained when traveling with a small tablet.

Tablet Cover

Protect your tablet. Find a tablet cover with a magnetic stand so you can be hands free.


Keep your device(s) charged, bring an extra when traveling just in case. 

Power Adapters

A full battery device is a happy device. 

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Charger Pouch

It can be frustrating untangling and looking for your chargers if you throw them in your bag. Place your chargers in a separate pouch to keep things organized. Found the perfect Charger Pouch from MochiThings.

Smartphone + Accessories 


Communication is key, be sure to look up how to set up service for your phone in the country you’re visiting. 

Battery Pack

Keep all your devices charged on the go. Bonus if it has multiple USB ports for simultaneous charging.

Smartphone Cover

Your smartphone device costs upwards of hundreds of dollars. Be smart, protect it while traveling (and at home).

Did you have we have our own collection of iPhone cases


Wireless earphones are the way to go, we’re in love with our new AirPods.

Wireless Speakers

Perfect for sharing tunes on the road with friends.

Did we miss any essential travel tech accessory?

Comment below!

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  1. I also bought a 13" laptop (not a macbook thought) because it can easily fit inside my smallest backpack. It’s a bit more pricey than the 15" ones but it serves its purpose.

    1. Tbh I also have a Chromebook which is 11" and I think an even better size, but unfortunately I can’t do everything I need to do on it.

  2. I can see all of this coming in handy for me. But how do you keep your devices Dave when you travel? Aren’t you worried about it getting stolen?

      1. I keep my devices in cases or bags that keep them out of sight. I try not to be too flashy, and I don’t stay in shared rooms! Luckily I haven’t had to deal with any theft.

  3. This is interesting. We’ve though about taking a Polaroid-esque camera with us, but have you found it useful? Did you actually grab it over your regular camera or smartphone camera?

    1. I love mine! I certainly don’t grab it over my camera or smartphone, but use it to take additional pictures and to share photos with others (if I meet up with someone, we’ll take a few, and I’ll give it to them).

  4. I love gadgets. Most of my carry on bag’s space is taken up with gadgets. Although, honestly, you have to draw the line somewhere. Do we really need a laptop and a tablet? (probably) But I think the instant camera and all its accessories could stay home to save space in the bag.

  5. I love the color coordinated – ness of everything!

    I try to pack super light and usually leave most of my gadgets at home BUT always take a phone. It’s a camera, computer, and phone all in one!

  6. I totally love the instax camera – I’m saving some money for a new one 🙂
    And thank you for showing the lovely smartphone cover, it’s so lovely!

    1. A photographer friend of mine recommended it to me! I think it’s great if you’re shooting in a lot of light.

  7. Love that everything is so organized and love the color! I am bad at when it comes to the accessories part but will be sure to reference this post!

  8. Great post! I love discovering new travel accessories that will make my trips more organized! These are some great items.

  9. I love instant cameras not just for instant memories for me but to give to locals I meet along the way. I find it a great way to spread good will when you want to take someones portrait!

    1. I couldn’t agree more! Whenever I meet up with friends I take multiple instant photos so I can give them one as well.

  10. I love the design of your blog and the quality of the pictures! My compliments! Regarding the travel essentials… I’m very hesitant about the magic mouse. I’m going to be working while travelling next year, so it would make sense to take it with me, but at the same time, I know it’s not strictly necessary! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m in love with my magic mouse, I do a lot of photo and video editing, so having a mouse is essential for me.

  11. I’m starting to travel with less and less tech. Give me my laptop and Canon camera and some chargers and I’m happy. Less is more for me, but to each their own.

  12. This is such a useful and well put together list. I have some of these items already, but there are so many things on here I would have never thought about.

  13. A pretty elaborate tech list for travelers and one that I agree with wholeheartedly. Love the decal and have always preferred wireless mouses. Huge advocate of the GoPro so that’s certainly
    a handy camera to have on the go. The Charger pouch is something new and I will certainly
    look into it because that’s the one issue I face the most – devises dying out. Thanks.

  14. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. For similar kinds of Electronic accessories Visit They have the best travel Electronic equipment available at reasonable rates.

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