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Shopping in Tokyo, Japan is next level. From multi-level departments stores to tiny specialized shops that only sell chopsticks, Tokyo has it all. It can be overwhelming, but there is one retail concept you have to check out while in Tokyo: 100 yen shops aka hyaku-en (¥100) shops. All of the products in these shops are 100 yen before tax (~$0.90 USD), 108 yen after the 8% consumption tax. You may find some premium products at these 100 yen shops for 300 yen, 500 yen, etc but they will be clearly labeled and it is not very common, maybe a handful out of the thousands of products carried. 

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Japanese 100 yen shops are equivalent to US dollar stores. But don’t be fooled, these 100 yen shops are so much better. Japan takes prides in producing high quality products, and it’s clearly reflected in their 100 yen shops. We found some great finds in these 100 yen shops, check out our hauls below! 100 yen shops carry all sorts of products, including but not limited to kitchenware, home goods, stationary, beauty products, and food. You’ll be amazed at what these 100 yen shops have to offer!

100 yen shops are perfect for budget travelers. If you forgot to pack something like a toothbrush or socks, we recommend going to a 100 yen shop to see if it’s available there first. 100 yen shops are also great for souvenir shopping and discovering quirky Japanese household items! There are numerous 100 yen shops in Tokyo, but these were the three best 100 yen shops in Tokyo that we came across, and luckily each have multiple locations in Tokyo!

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Best 100 Yen Shops in Tokyo

Can Do

Can Do has an amazing selection, we found ourselves questioning if these items were really 100 yen. It’s the perfect place to go for home goods and decorations as well as high quality ceramics. We went to the one in Shibuya 10 minutes before it opened on a weekday, and there was a line of people waiting outside! 

Can Do: Website | Locations 

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Favorite finds from Can Do:

  • Mt. Fuji plates and soy sauce saucer

  • Wooden organizers with 9 compartments


You may be familiar with Daiso, as there are a few international locations as well. Daiso is one of the larger 100 yen shop chains and has a vast selection of items. We recommend checking out the kitchen supplies and beauty products and going to the Daiso location in Harajuku that’s 3 stories high (4 levels total with the basement). It’s located right on Takeshita Street, so make sure to stop by if you’re in the Harajuku area!

Daiso: Website | Locations

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Favorite finds from Daiso:

  • Sakura (cherry blossom) fans

  • Face masks and fake eyelashes


If you like cute things, you’ll love Seria. We found ourselves buying things we’ll probably never use just because they were so cute! Everything here was aesthetically pleasing, if Seria was larger in size it would probably rank higher on my list. We went to the Seria location in Asakusa which was part of a department store and was a bit small. The selection of stationary and home goods is out of this world for the price.

Seria: Website | Locations 

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Favorite finds from Seria:

  • Mt. Fuji themed stationary

  • Desk organizer

Do you need a place to stay in Tokyo?

100 yen shops are perfect for finding everyday essentials, home goods, and souvenirs. Don’t miss out on these 100 yen shops when you’re in Tokyo! Seriously, you’ll regret not going. 

What would you buy from a 100 yen shop?

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  1. This is awesome! My 5 year old is obsessed with Daiso and this is very similar. I will be sure to visit some of these with her when we go to Japan. Thanks for sharing!

  2. And who doesn’t like a haul! 😀 This is a pretty handy list for when I visit Japan and I’m hoping it will be really soon!! like the aesthetic of your snaps as well 🙂

  3. And this is why I always come home from japan with a few extra kilos of kawaii stuff! Love the 100 Y stores. I had no idea there were different varieties. Love your coverage and great shopping tips.

  4. This is great, it is like shopping without even leaving my computer. I have not been to Japan before but it is definitely on the list of places that I want to visit. I love these kinds of nicknacks

  5. I cannot imagine a shop which only sells chopsticks – we may call it ‘microspecialisation’. Like you I too end up buying cute things which I may or may not use. I absolutely loved reading about these 100 yen shops, never knew they existed!

    1. Yes, microspecialization is the perfect word for it! Thank you, hope you’re able to visit one, one day!

  6. I thought that the Japanese erasers were sushi at first. Haha! Everything in Japan is kawaii. I like Daiso shops. They have several branches here in the Philippines. I like finding cool and practical stuff there. The items are affordable and cute. I like all of the shops that you have visited especially Seria. I like using stationery papers because they are pretty. How I wish I could go to Japan right now.

    1. I didn’t know there were Daiso in the Philippines, that’s great! I wish there were more in the US!

  7. I would love this place! I could spend hours in shops like this just picking up nick nacks. This looks soooo much better than the dollar stores at home! Sadly one of the downsides to having no permanent home and having to carry everything I own on my back is I can’t shop much :(.

  8. OMG what?!?!? I’d go to Tokyo just for this. Those plates and bowls at the very beginning?! Just crazy. I’d spend way too much money here and not be able to get it home! Haha.

  9. Great to know this shop. Many pretty things there, I think I won’t leave Tokyo before I visit this shop. I got some cute stuffs from my Japanese pen pal, and now I know where she got those from 😀

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