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こんにちは (Konnichiwa)!

Oh, Kyoto. This ancient city and former capital of Japan stole our hearts during our month long trip. We knew it would happen, and we let it happen. If you want to experience a more traditional side of Japan and learn about its rich culture, visit Kyoto. The city is dripping in history and things to do. 

Kyoto is one of Japan’s most beautiful cities. It’s the second most popular city in Japan to visit (after Tokyo) and a favorite far and wide. With Kyoto being a popular city destination, it’s important to book your Kyoto accommodation early

Figuring out which shrine you’re going to visit in Kyoto can be difficult, but choosing where to stay in Kyoto is easy. Downtown Kyoto is the best area to stay in Kyoto, and Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is located in the heart of downtown Kyoto. 

Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is a modern, sleek, and tech savvy hotel that consists of two towers, North and South, the South Tower recently opened in May of 2017. Upon walking through the front doors you’ll be greeted by Pepper, the resident robot. This four star hotel is located in the Teramachi shopping arcade and just a 8 minute walk to Sanjo Station, offering the perfect location to stay in Kyoto. We stay at the Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo for two nights and had never ran out of things to do in Kyoto since the area offered so much to see, do, and eat! 

Address: 420 Sakuranocho, Teramachi Higashi Iru Rokkaku, Nakagyo, Kyoto 604-8035, Japan
Check in: 2PM
Check out: 11AM
Phone number: +81 75-222-1111
For more information, visit the official website.  

The Location

Nishiki Market - morning market filled with over 100 vendors!

Nishiki Market – morning market filled with over 100 vendors!

Teramachi Shopping Arcade - plenty of things to do, see, and eat!

Teramachi Shopping Arcade – plenty of things to do, see, and eat!

Yasaka Shrine - see locals and visitors in Kimonos/Yukatas!

Yasaka Shrine – see locals and visitors in Kimonos/Yukatas!

Yasaka Shrine - go at night to see the lanterns lit up!

Yasaka Shrine – go at night to see the lanterns lit up!

The location of Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo couldn’t be more ideal. The Sanjo area is based around Sanjo Station, a major transit station in Kyoto. With Sanjo Station just a 8 minute walk away from the hotel, you have easy access not only to Kyoto’s city center but also its outskirts. 

The downtown area offers fun and exciting things to do in Kyoto. Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is located on Teramachi, a covered shopping street full of establishments such as arcades, pet cafes, restaurants, shops, and more. Our favorite thing to do in downtown Kyoto was go to Nishiki Market, a food market with over a hundred vendors selling all sorts of goods and just a 5 minute walk away from the hotel. 

The famous Gion district, where you have the best chance of spotting a geisha in Kyoto, is just a 15 minute walk from Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo. Yasaka Shrine, a must visit at night in Kyoto and home to Gion Matsuri, Japan’s most famous festival, is just a 20 minute walk. Even Kiyomizu-dera, one of Kyoto’s most popular temples and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is walkable from the hotel at 30 minutes. 

But really the best part about the location of Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is that there’s a 7-11 connected on the first floor of the North Tower. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

The Room

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Beautiful bath and shower.

Beautiful bath and shower.

Separate room for the toilet.

Separate room for the toilet.

Above counter sink and FREE balt salts!

Above counter sink and FREE balt salts!

Ethernet cable + multi-prog charger available in the room!

Ethernet cable + multi-prog charger available in the room!

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We stayed in a triple room at Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo that was clean and modern. It was on the smaller end of rooms we stayed in Japan, but it made things cozy and the bathroom more than made up for it. The room came with a separate toilet and bath, a feature that is very appreciated. In addition to free bottled water, slippers, and toiletries, free bath salts are provided to make your bath even better.  The spacious bathtub was amazing to soak in after exploring Kyoto all day. 

The room came with big windows that let in a lot of light and came with an interesting view of Kyoto. The view was mainly the surrounding buildings but you could easily see how interwoven the old and new buildings were in Kyoto. Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo also has a few room that are intricately designed such as the Kabuki Room and Kyoto Room but we didn’t get a chance to get them out. Next time!

The Food

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Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo has its own restaurant, Bonsolute, located on the first floor of the South Tower. Breakfast is available for an additional cost. The breakfast is buffet style, composed of Japanese and western dishes made from locally sourced produce. There is also an open kitchen station where you can get grilled vegetables and made to order eggs. The breakfast here offers an amazing variety and is delicious making it absolutely worth the cost. 

Hours: Open daily 6AM – 10AM

The Service

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Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo treats their guests well, everyone we interacted with was so helpful from check in to check out. We did an early luggage drop off, when we returned to check in, our bags were already in the room. Thank you, Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo. None of the other hotels in Japan that held onto our luggage before check in did this. Seriously, the little things. 

There are free newspapers in the lobby along with a smoking room and coin laundry room, if needed. Having a laundry room in the hotel was SO convenient! Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo has a great concierge service, and provided us with great recommendations for the surrounding area. Multilingual staff and robot, you can’t ask for more.

The Verdict 

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Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo knocked it out the park. This stylish new hotel is worth checking out if you’re planning a trip to Kyoto, the location makes it a convenient place to stay in Kyoto. The proximity to Sanjo Station made traveling around Kyoto so easy, but we found ourselves most often in the immediate area of the hotel in downtown Kyoto. 

Where to stay in Kyoto, Japan? We highly recommend the Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo and encourage those interested to book immediately. Kyoto is a popular destination and the Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo is bound to sell out during the busy seasons of fall and spring. Let us know if you have any questions before booking!

What’s the most convenient hotel you’ve stayed in?

Comment below! 

We were guests of Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo, but as always all opinions are our own. 

ありがとうございます(Arigatou gozaimasu)!

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  1. Kyoto is one of those places I want to visit next year, so taking note of the hotel. I love the style and the fact it’s located near a station is a huge bonus!

  2. The Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo looks very nice, clean and modern. The food looks good too! I went to Kyoto a long time ago by cruise ship and had a lovely day. I would like to go back to stay there and see more as it is such a beautiful city.

  3. Wow,it’s a nice and well maintained city and the food is quite good for any foreign traveler.I have’nt been to Japan before but I would definitely like to try my luck here sometime in the future

  4. Kyoto no doubt is a great tourist destination. Glad you tipped us of the best place to stay there. Spotting a geisha in Kyoto… you say? that would be rewarding.

  5. It looks like a nice comfortable stay and spacious for Japanese standards, this looks like the perfect location to see so many different temples and attractions around the city.

  6. How fortunate were you to spend a month in Kyoto! Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo looks like the ideal place to stay given its location close to the station, shops and restaurants. I would certainly take the walk to the UNESCO World Heritage temples too.

  7. Hotel Gracery Kyoto Sanjo North looks absolutely stunning! I think the biggest seller to me is the location. While traveling without a car, I’ve learned to REALLY look at that when booking accommodation. The bathroom looks really nice – another big selling point for me!

  8. Hotel Gracery looks and sounds like a very nice hotel in the heart of Kyoto. I, too, look for the little extra things that hotels provide, and Hotel Gracery certainly does a good job of this. I kept hoping to see a photo of the hotel robot! The spacious room and amenities are awesome!

  9. What a beautiful hotel. I love that hallway with the big poster signs it sorta looks like a side street or alley. Both Tokyo and now Kyoto are high on my to go to list. Always been a huge fan of the Japanese culture specifically anime, geisha’s and robots lol

  10. From the location to the breakfast to the bathroom…sounds like a perfect place to stay…and I totally agree about the little things! The resident robot sounds so cool…I know my kids would totally get a kick out of that!

  11. What a beautiful hotel! I’ve always wanted to visit Kyoto and will definitely keep this in mind. I love the interiors, and free bath salts sounds just perfect to unwind after lots of sightseeing!

  12. I love how sleek and modern this place looks. I have such fond memories of Kyoto from my high school visit. I’d love to go back as an adult and really dive into the culture more and this would be a great place to stay.

  13. I loooooved Nishiki Market! If I ever go back to Kyoto I want to stay right by the market so I can just hang out there every day haha!

  14. I visited Kyoto a few years ago and this place looks way better than where I stayed. The location is great! I’m planning to visit again so will definitely keep this place in mind.

  15. I’ve always wanted to visit Kyoto! I plan to do a comprehensive trip of Japan eventually, so I’ll definitely keep this in mind for when I do make it there 🙂

  16. I’ve never been to Japan, but I’ve been dying to go. And Kyoto is definitely on the list of cities to visit. This hotel looks like a nice choice, keeping it in mind for when I visit. Fingers crossed it’s soon!

  17. This is a place I want to go to. I’ve been to Tokyo and Nagasaki when I was a child. I fell in love with the Japanese culture, especially the food. Great post and nice hotel.

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